A large number of car accidents happen at intersections. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), about 40% of all collisions are intersection-related, so they are a big problem that needs to be addressed.

It is unsurprising that so many accidents take place at intersections since this is where masses of motor vehicles and pedestrians congregate. If you have been struck in an intersection, you might be entitled to compensation, but you’ll want to meet with a Grand Junction intersection accident attorney to review your case.


Types of Intersection Accidents

In our practice, we have seen horrible intersection accidents, including:

  • Rear end collisions: a driver might not be able to hit the brakes in time and plough into a motorist who is stopped at a light or stop sign.
  • T-bone accidents: a motorist slams into the side of a vehicle at a 90-degree angle. These accidents often happen when a motorist runs a red light.
  • Head-on collisions: A motorist who drifts into the other lane can slam into the front of oncoming traffic.
  • Pedestrian accidents: a motorist can plow into pedestrians accidentally, especially when rolling through a stop sign to make a right-on-red without noting whether anyone is in the intersection.
  • Motorcycle accidents: many drivers do not see motorcyclists, even when they are idling at an intersection.


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Causes of Intersection Accidents

Drivers should be at less risk of getting into an accident near an intersection. After all, they should be traveling much slower and paying better attention. Nevertheless, accidents continue to occur because of the following:

  • Inattention. A motorist is not paying adequate attention because they are distracted by a cell phone, passenger, or something else.
  • Illegal/dangerous maneuver. Particularly dangerous intersection accidents stem from illegal actions, like running a red light or making a left-on-red turn.
  • Failure to yield. A motorist who is in a rush might refuse to yield even though the law requires it.
  • Obstructed view. When making a left-hand turn, a driver might not see a vehicle or motorcycle coming toward them. As a result, they pull directly in front of them.
  • Misjudging speed. A driver might assume that another motorist is going too slowly and turn in front of them.
  • Misinterpreting another driver’s actions. A driver might assume that a motorist coming in the opposite direction is about to turn when, in fact, they go straight. Because a motorist has inaccurately interpreted what the driver is about to do, they can cause a crash.
  • Impairment. If a driver has consumed drugs or alcohol, their reflexes can be slowed, causing them to fail to stop in time.

Determining Fault in Intersection Accidents

To help determine fault, your attorney will need to carefully analyze the evidence. Fault matters in car accident cases in Colorado because the driver at fault for the accident will need to pay compensation to those who are injured. Fault is not always obvious.

Fortunately, your attorney can use evidence to determine whether the other driver made an error that caused the collision. For example, there might be video evidence of the collision, either from a nearby store or from a dash cam. When there is no video evidence that shows just what happened, witness testimony can also prove helpful. The witnesses can explain how the accident unfolded.

Another option is to reconstruct the accident using physical evidence, such as damage to the vehicles and the location of debris. If you managed to take photographs of the scene of the accident, then these could prove helpful. An attorney can use this information to interpret who hit who and at what speed.

Why You Need an Attorney

Some accident victims attempt to settle cases themselves. Their thinking is that they don’t want to spend the money for a lawyer when they can submit a claim to an insurer themselves.

We think this is a mistake. Few motorists are prepared to properly analyze their injuries and assign a monetary value to them. In particular, motorists often underestimate the amount of compensation they can receive for pain and suffering or emotional distress. Because they are too conservative, many motorists leave money on the table when they negotiate their own settlements.

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