What Happens if Someone Else is Driving My Car and Gets into an Accident?

After a car wreck, you should immediately check whether you are okay physically. Also check with other people in your car to see if they are badly hurt. If someone needs an ambulance, then call emergency services. If you don’t have a phone, or if you can’t move due to your injuries, ask someone else to call.

Putting your health first is a priority. Car accidents can cause devastating injuries that leave many people disabled for the rest of their lives, but quick intervention gives you a chance to make a strong recovery.

However, there are other steps you should take at the scene of the accident, if you are able. These steps will help prove that you are not at fault for the collision and deserve compensation.

Obtain Insurance Information

You can’t make an insurance claim if you don’t have basic insurance information. Share your own insurance information with other drivers and get the name and contact information for their insurer.

Get Personal Information for Drivers & Witnesses

Ask for the driver’s name, phone number, and physical address. You should also write down their license number and the license plate number on the vehicle.

Witnesses include anyone who was in a vehicle when it crashed. Witnesses can also include bystanders on the sidewalk. These people can help establish how the accident happened, which can establish fault for the collision. Try to get name, address, and phone number. Also ask for an email address, since many people communicate that way.

Write Down what the Other Driver Says

Sometimes, you can use a statement someone made after the accident in a lawsuit. If the other driver admitted fault or apologized, then write that down. This statement could prove very useful.

On the other hand, if you know you are not to blame, you should avoid saying anything that can be misconstrued. Don’t apologize for the accident if it was not your fault. You can certainly help someone get medical attention, if need be, but you don’t need to get into a long, involved conversation.

Call the Police

An officer should come to the scene to draft a police report. Insurers like to see police reports, so volunteer to call the police. If no police officer comes to the scene, you can file an accident report online.

Take Photographs at the Scene

As you wait for the police to arrive, get to work by taking pictures. You should walk around every vehicle involved in the crash and document dents, dings, scratches, etc. Zoom in, if necessary, so someone can see the damage. Also take pictures from many different angles. You can use your smart phone to take these pictures.

Also document anything else that seems relevant—a debris field, an obstruction that blocked the stop sign, skid marks, etc. You never know what will prove useful later.

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