Numerous people have particular conditions that need monitoring and the assistance of certain medical gadgets to maintain and direct critical body functions. The medical devices are frequently lifesaving for patients if they are utilized accurately and work in the manner they are expected. Sadly, when mistakes happen, the consequences for the patient and their loved ones can be extreme.

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At Cimarron Ridge Legal Group, we comprehend the risks presented by medical device errors. We also understand the potential negative effects of such mistakes on your physical, psychological and financial wellbeing. If you’ve endured wounds because of medical device errors, a Grand Junction Medical Malpractice Lawyer from our law firm can help. We have a long history of fighting for the rights of victims, so they can receive the compensation they require to recuperate.


Medical Device Problems

Medical devices range from basic hospital supplies, laboratory hardware to cutting-edge innovative aids, e.g., internal monitors and manmade body parts. Tens of millions of people depend on medical devices to diagnose, oversee, and maintain an assortment of health conditions.

However, according to Consumer Reports, the gadgets are loosely regulated and frequently lack exhaustive testing before entering the market. Due to the little institutionalized methods for announcing possible issues, medical device imperfections and mistakes frequently go undetected until several injuries or fatalities happen.


Some of the problems with medical devices might not lay blame on the manufacturer or hospital. An FDA-approval on a product typically awards special protection to the producer and medical facility that provides the gadget. Overall, any warning labels about potential errors on the device will guard the manufacturing firm against liability.

That might lay the fault on the patient who fails to pay attention to the warnings or doesn’t notify the hospital about a problem. Extra problems come up for injured parties via product recalls. Failing to contact or return the product for some type of resolution may ruin one’s chances of pursuing a claim.

Manufacturers of medical devices usually have websites where patients can file a claim to have the gadget repaired. If a patient doesn’t proceed via the right channels and sustains an injury, it may be impossible to seek compensation.


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Recalls and Safety Alerts on Medical Devices

When multiple reports are made about specific medical device errors or issues, the Food and Drug Administration may issue a recall or safety alert on a product. For instance, in 2015 alone, at least 30 different kinds of medicinal devices got a recall for presenting potential threats to patients. Such devices included:

  • Diagnostic gadgets, used in medical center and in-home testing, for example, laboratory equipment test strips for home use
  • Exterior devices, utilized by healthcare facilities to regulate essential functions, e.g., ventilators and cardiovascular pumps
  • Implanted devices for rectifying damage and wounds, e.g., surgical mesh and manmade joints
  • Internal maintenance gadgets for maintaining organ functions, for example, pacemakers and coronary stents

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